Hlavní stránka Klubu Hanoi
Hlavní stránka Klubu Hanoi
Hlavní stránka Klubu Hanoi
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Klub Hanoi / SEA-liaison

About Us

Klub HN

Club Hanoi is a society whose members are interested in Vietnamese or South-East Asian culture, history, and traditions. Additionally, the society welcomes individuals who are passionate about the life of communities from South-Eastern Asia now residing in the Czech Republic.

Hanoi Club

  • Club Hanoi was founded in 2003 by students of Vietnamese studies from the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague.

  • Club Hanoi was registered with Ministry of Social Affairs in 2004. Today, the membership base is comprised of experts and individuals who share the same interests.

  • We believe that if we provide easier access to information and organize cultural events we can dissolve prejudices and barriers in communication. Working together, we can improve intercultural communication.

Are you interested in cooperation or information? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • E-mail: klubhanoi@klubhanoi.cz

  • Postal address: Klub Hanoi, Na Sídlišti III 411, 252 43 Průhonice

  • Our office (grey building, 6th floor) is located opposite the restaurant Dong Do and right behind the entrance of OC Sapa; address: OC Sapa, Libušská 319, Praha 4-Písnice

  • How to find us by public transport: Bus Stop Sídliště Písnice, bus number 113, 333, 198, 197, 331.

  • Opening hours: every Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm or upon arrangement via phone call: 603583690 or 608338257 in Czech, or 603583690 and 774558644 in Vietnamese.

We welcome donations on Klub Hanois bank account: 2105343359/088; IBAN CZ41 0800 0000002105343359

Objectives (goals)

  • Establishing a cultural link between the Czech Republic and Southeast Asia

  • Providing information regarding the natural landscape, history, society, and culture in both countries

  • Securing partnership, friendship, and collaboration between individuals, organisations, and clubs seeking similar goals and programmes on both a national and an international basis

  • Encouraging and supporting scientific, educational, and publishing activities in that regard

  • Strengthening relations (including development aid) with Southeast Asia

  • Assisting with social integration of people from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries living in Czech Republic

  • Running an informal information centre (such as providing social activities, friendship, and contacts), including our own website


  • Running a dedicated website (www.klubhanoi.cz)

  • Providing journalists, students, the general public, experts, and organisations (both local and international) with information and consultancy

  • Publishing activities in various media outlets

  • Educating people about Southeast Asia, immigrants in Czech Republic, intercultural education, interpretation and inter-cultural assistance; providing Czech language courses for Vietnamese, lectures on translation and interpretation, workshops for schools, lectures for teachers, librarians, doctors and nurses, civil servants etc.

  • Providing translation and interpretation services for communities

  • Running a library specializing in books concerning Southeast Asia

  • Publishing the Bulletin Klubu Hanoi magazine (available in Czech)

We organize cultural, sporting and social events such as exhibits, meetings in the evening, workshops, and shows.

Our previous activities include:

  • Intercontinental football matches Pohár kontinentů at Strahov in Prague.

  • A photographic exhibition with series of workshops entitled: Hory a lidé severního Vietnamu in the Náprstek Museum in Prague and in the Regional Museum in city Cheb.

  • Creating a Czech – Vietnamese art forum Za tržnicí, during the 4+4 dny v pohybu festival at Letná in Prague.

  • Creative workshops Toi la ai? (Who I am?), in cooperation with National Gallery in Prague, for students and pupils from Vietnam.

  • Organizing a cultural multi-genre evening 9viet (including a photographic exhibit, fashion show, dance appearance, etc.)

We have the following facilities and programs available to our members:

  • Information office

  • Czech language courses and integration courses

  • Training of Czech – Vietnamese intercultural assistants

  • Training for integration services

  • Legal and financial consulting

  • Intercultural mediation services

  • Employment advice

  • Our club participates in various development projects.

  • We are preparing projects in the health sector, including social rehabilitation and education throughout the territory of Vietnam and South-east Asia.

  • We are awaiting membership in FORS - Development Cooperation Forum.

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