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Předvánoční rockový festival v Hanoji

29.12.2004, autor článku: Klub HN




  Teda super! Ten Jirka jede :)) Škoda, že nemáte něajakou pořádnou fotku z vystoupení.

Re: Bezvacrazyeager



  U can find fotos here photos.yahoo.com/kristinka72 just click on "Rock Stah" Kristin is officially leaving on the 17th of May and that's againg is end of another "Kurva"'s year but before that we have our first album, 3 songs so far we have. see u there igor

Re: Re: BezvaMirek



  Hi Igor, great pictures at Kristin's page - I especially enjoy those with Kristin and Ho Chi Minh :-))
Must say you all look really professional on the stage :) What does it mean: "Kristin is officially leaving"? Does she leave for the US for ever? Kristin has been leaving for last 4 years already.. :)
We are looking forward for Kurvas' album, hope you will sell it for standard vietnamese price (15.000 VND :-))
Last week we went for great mountains holliday with Jirka and Andrea and Eva, atmosphere far away from Hanoi: ski and snow but no bia tuoi..
See you all there Kristin, Ilja, Yosha..

Re: Re: Re: BezvaIgor



  More fotos we added to Kristin's album at photos.yahoo.com/kristinka72 from the last "Kurva"s show the we plaid on the 13 th of Apr and 1,5 more weeks the first album we be out, 5 our own song and 2 covers and Kristin is leaving on the 16th of May to get more papers in US about her IQ and how to sale it better in VN and boys are leaving somewhere mid June "and I an still right here" Love u all Igor




  tak to je fakt pecka! doufám, že takových podobných koncertů bude v budoucnu ještě více!!

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  Ahoj comrade a comradki! This is Igor and I would like to inform about a possibility of "Kurva'" performing at the "AID FOR ASIA" that is taking a place at the American club this Sat the 29th, the charity event where people trying to collect money for countries that were hit by tsunami. We have invited Jan from 50/50 to play for us for a while before he goes to Uc to study and a Russian guy Alexiy to play bass, coz Kristin has finally overtaken the drums, and I was fired from guitar possition so I can concetrate more on voice, and Lesha is playing keyboards. We have a new song "Forever solo"written and composed by Ilia that we may introduce at this event. And today is students day so chuc mung love u all Igor

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